My journey to a healthy half!

Hey friends! So as you might know I am currently training for my 3rd half marathon. And while this certainly does not qualify me as an expert on the sport, I have definitely experienced a lot of ups and downs and I’ve learned A LOT during my training for these three big races. In addition to running 13.1 miles almost 3 times, I’ve been running for over 20 years.

Thai Peanut Cauliflower Wings

Hey there! Let me tell you ‘bout my best friend…(you sang that didn’t you?!) I’m only slightly dramatizing my love for this cruciferous veggie—CAULIFLOWER. As I said in an instagram post a week or so ago, I have loved Cauliflower loooooong before it was cool to love cauliflower. Even before Buffalo Cauliflower Bites were a thing, I was eating cauliflower raw—that’s how much I love it! In fact, whenever my family had gatherings growing up my mom always brought a big vegetable tray full of different veggies and a big tub of ranch from Meijer (any midwestern Meijer fans in the house?!). I’m pretty sure my mom still has this veggie tray and it’s an off-white, super 90’s kitchen tray that gives me all the nostalgia. Anyway, nobody ever ate the cauliflower florets and I could never understand it but I also didn’t complain too much because that meant I got to eat them all! And I assure you I had no problem doing just that.

Shredded BBQ Sweet Potato Tacos

GIVE ME ALL THE CARBS AND NONE OF THE CRUELTY, PLEASE! Now listen my main motivations for following a whole-foods-plant-based diet are for my health. However I do care very much about our planet and all of it’s inhabitants so now that I have eaten this way for a while I really cannot disconnect the animal from the plate, if you know what I mean. I know that not everybody feels this way and that’s okay. I am not here to vilify other people’s choices or feelings. I am here to make delicious plant based foods that fill us up and make our bodies feel good! So with all of that said, one of my husband’s previous go-to dishes was shredded pork anything. Tacos, on top of burgers, or just a big ole plate of BBQ.