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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow...

I will always remember when we had our first showing of our current home. I loved it from the moment we walked in (even though once we moved in we realized there was A LOT we wanted to change). But the moment we stepped out into the backyard I was sold. The previous owners had built 3 large raised beds and enclosed two of them into the most adorable picket fence. I knew very little about gardening at this point but it just felt right. 

Produce Tips!

One thing I hope to offer consistently on my website is my own personal meal plan each week. Since starting Plant Based Planner through my social media accounts, I have been very motivated to illustrate how approachable and accessible eating plant based foods can be. It does take planning and preparing but it is doable and it is SO worth it! 

Plant Based Pantry Staples

If you walked into my kitchen today, next Tuesday, or a month from now and searched through my pantry I guarantee you would find the items below ALWAYS in stock (along with dried/sticky maple syrup, spilled spices, and bottom of the jar residue). These pantry staples are an essential part of my diet, and in my opinion, of anyone's diet who is living a plant based lifestyle! I find that when I've got these few items on hand, I've got a good foundation for delicious and nutritious meals!